Food for thought: Why can’t I stick to a diet?

It’s the age-old problem facing people everywhere. Starting a diet, all determined to finally make a change. Buying gym kit, because your new life as a gym bunny is about to begin. Kitting the fridge out with fruit, veg and all the salad you can buy. You even start to see results – weight coming off, people starting to compliment your weight loss with that delightful “Have you lost weight?” question.. Only for it all to come crashing down about a month to two months in. Why does this happen? What goes wrong?

Obviously a lot of this has to do with self-determination and dedication. I would usually describe myself as having both of those things, though lately I’m just not so sure. I’ve been subscribing to Slimming World for nearly 5 months now, and I haven’t really been doing it properly for a while. There’s always the “I’ll just have this one bit of cake” here, or the “one packet of crisps won’t hurt” there, which snowballs back into eating whatever I want, when I want and not really caring. Slimming World worked well for me – I nearly lost a stone in the space of a few weeks. Now I’m back to 4lbs less than where I started and I go some weeks without even stepping on the scales, because I feel guilty about what I’ve eaten. It’s like I’ve given up and I don’t care.

But I do care. I want to lose weight. I want to go down a clothes size or two. I want to feel less self-conscious about myself when I’m on the beach. None of these things will happen if I don’t get my arse into gear and sort myself out. Another holiday is coming up, and it’s another occasion where I’ve said “I’m going to lose X amount by the holiday” – of course it’s never really happened. I feel like I go through this vicious cycle every few months and I’m not really sure why, but I do know I need to give myself a pep talk and sort it out. Easier said than done for sure, but I’ve just re-joined the gym (for what is probably about the 6th time), and I’m re-printing off all the slimming world stuff. I’m going to give this ANOTHER go. What have I got to lose? (about three stone!) 🙂

If anyone has any tips on how to break out of the cycle, please let me know!


Work trip: NYC, Niagara, Toronto, Boston!

I’m rather excited for my next work trip – a week on the East Coast of the US (and Canada) – and I’ve only been to one of them before.


I’ll fly in to New York, then head to Buffalo for Niagara Falls, before heading to Toronto, and then Boston where we’ll be doing amazing things like whale watching and the Boston Pizza Tour. I’ll also have some spare time along the way and I’ll be capturing content for our company social media channels, so if anyone has any tips or must sees in any of these places, please do let me know!

24 hours in New York City

In October I got the chance to fly to New York with work, travelling with one of my friends who is a journalist. I hadn’t been to New York in about a year, so I was really excited to head back to one of my favourite places in the world – even if it was just for 24 hours!

Stepping off the plane, I remembered that I was just travelling with hand baggage, which really makes all the difference. As soon as we were through passport control and customs we were free to head in to the big apple. I had forgotten about the weird taxi system at JFK, so after being shouted out by the taxi dispatch guy for not seeing him first (a perfect welcome back to the New York way of doing things), we were in a cab on the way to Manhattan within half an hour of landing. Amazing.

I was staying at The Standard, High Line – the first time I’d stayed in the Meatpacking District. When we arrived, we were greeted by an amazingly friendly reception team who treated us like VIP’s. We were checked in quickly, and were up to our rooms, but not before asking the question “Why is your logo upside down?” The answer? “Because at The Standard, we’re anything but…”.

I had been allocated a fantastic room, with a large bathroom including shower and over-sized bath tub. The bed area was compact but neat and perfectly appointed with a seating area, plug sockets (next to the bed!) and large TV. I had a note on the side welcoming me, alongside some complimentary snacks and two big bottles of water.

The view was absolutely breath-taking. The floor to ceiling windows gave me a sweeping view across downtown Manhattan, over the Hudson to New Jersey and down to the Freedom Tower. I love New York.

After a quick shower and freshen up, it was time to head out for a drink and bite to eat – we headed down to what can only be described as a fabulous German beer garden called ‘The Standard Biergarten’ (original!), directly under the old railroad tracks that now form The High Line. It offers beer, sausages, pretzels and ping pong and was the perfect start to our evening. We had been introduced to The Standard’s night manager who had kindly given us some free drinks tokens to use – and we ordered what we thought was a normal pint of German beer only for it to come in a glass boot. They went down a treat though!

By this point we were rather hungry and didn’t feel a sausage or a pretzel would do the trick, and so we headed across Washington St to a place that had been recommended – The Sugar Factory. A place where the weirdest and most wonderful confectionary concoctions are made – including a milkshake with a cheeseburger slider on the side. We just went for a sharing platter and one of the large fishbowl style drinks, which we barely touched in the end due to sheer volume of liquid!

After there, we were lucky to have been added to the guest list at Le Bain – a club at the top of The Standard, with a built in pool mid-dance floor. We were mainly there for the views though, and after doing the typical tourist thing of snapping dodgy nighttime photos of the New York skyline through the windows, we realised we were far too un-cool to stay, and decided to call it a night.

I purposely left the blackout curtains un-drawn so I wouldn’t miss the sunrise over downtown Manhattan, and I wasn’t disappointed. This was one of the best views from a hotel I’d ever had in New York, and I took lots of photos and even attempted a time lapse of the hustle and bustle of the city as it sprang to life once again.

After showering and packing my bag, we checked out of the hotel as we planned to make our way around Manhattan before heading to the airport and didn’t want to have to come back to the hotel to collect our bags. But first, we stopped for breakfast at a cute little cafe on the corner – and opted for an outside table so we could watch New York life pass us by over coffee and eggs. It was unseasonably mild and it felt like a Manhattan spring morning – the perfect weather to wander around.

Our first item on the agenda was Chelsea Market – one of my favourite spots in this area and reminiscent of Borough Market back home. I love walking through and people watching, but also spotting all of the entrances to tech companies like YouTube and google that are housed in this area. From here, we approached the High Line and followed its path all the way up to midtown – and headed to the ultimate tourist hotspot Times Square. We paused for a can of Coke and a 10 minute sit down – people watching here is second to none!

We then headed to Rockefeller Plaza to take in the ice rink setup, and a few pictures of course, before jumping in a cab and heading to the South Seaport area. the weather was beautiful and we’d built up a bit of a thirst by this point, so we stopped for a beer on one of the piers to watch more of the world go by. It was hard to believe that 24hrs prior we were in dreary wet London, and that in just a few hours later we’d be back there once again.

We hit a few of the shops in this area, namely Abercrombie & Fitch, before stopping for a bite to eat. It was time then to head to the airport – the traffic is always bad on the way to JFK, particularly at that time in the afternoon, and our driver kindly let us squeeze in a stop at a secluded spot on the Brooklyn side of the river with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline to take a few selfies along the way.

We’d had such a whirlwind visit but it felt like we’d been there for days. New York is a place that you can always visit and find lots of new things to do to fill your time – and with lots of flights a day you can create your own timeline and itinerary, even if it’s just 24hrs!

I flew with Virgin Atlantic (obvs) who have multiple flights a day between the UK and New York –

Losing weight the Slimming World way

Today was my second weigh-in on Slimming World. I’m just doing it at home rather than attending a communal meeting, but two weeks in and I’ve lost a total of 7.5lbs, which I’m told is rather impressive.

Trouble is, I’ve been here before. I feel like a middle aged woman when I say I’ve tried every diet going. The Body Coach (twice), Weight Watchers, and now Slimming World – all in recent times. I have to say though – this is the first time that something has felt achievable. A mere mention of ‘Slimming World’ on social media will invoke a series of responses of people who are also on it, know someone that’s done it, or have already done it themselves to great effect. It feels like a club, a secret club that only those with membership have access to. There are lots of free recipes out there – and secret Facebook groups that no-one would ever knew existed. It’s like a secret underground diet club, and now I have a membership.

Slimming World, once you’ve got your head around ‘Syns’, ‘Healthy Extras’ and ‘Free Foods’, is actually quite simple to stick to on a day in day out basis. I’ve had pasta, rice, noodles and enough chicken to keep Nando’s going for a week, and yet still the weight comes off.

I know this is the first couple of weeks and therefore it’s very easy for the weight to come off – but I’m concentrating on getting the food side of things right first before committing to returning to the gym, a membership I’ve paid for for the past couple of years and not really used that much, if at all. I’m following the advice of the Slimming World website, and I have a couple of people that are doing it at the same time as me, which is a really great help. I’ll also write about the ups and downs here, which is rather therapeutic. I’m well aware there will be times where I want to jack it all in, and times where the weight hasn’t shifted, or it hasn’t moved at all.

But for now, I just earned my first certificate: The 1/2 Stone certificate. It feels like I’ve won a gold medal, but this race is far from over.

My Wedding Speech

I got married on Friday! I can honestly say it was the best day of my life.

I was absolutely bricking it all the way through our meal as I knew I had to deliver my speech at the end of it. Here is what I said.

Wedding Speech

Well where do I begin?

I want to start off by thanking all of you for making it to celebrate with us today. It means a lot to us both that you’ve been able to be part of our special day.

I wasn’t really sure where to start when it came to writing a speech – it’s only something people are ever meant to do once, and so after a few stressful evenings and lots of googling, I’ve cobbled together something which I hope won’t last too long – as believe it or not neither myself or Ben like to be the centre of attention…

So I thought I’d start with a few thank you’s.

Firstly, our mums. Thank you Paula and Jenny. Thank you for the guidance and support you’ve given us both throughout our lives – through the good times and bad. Thanks for being supportive of our relationship and for being there when we needed you. Mum, thank you for raising me on your own as a single parent that paid for everything I could have ever wished for. We don’t say It enough, but we love you both and wouldn’t be where we are today without either of you. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us In the lead up to the wedding and in helping us to plan this special day.

Adam. Our best man and friend. Our mutual love for lasagne knows no bounds, and we can polish off a bottle of rose between us in the space of a few minutes. The only person I know that can lose his wallet, phone, keys and dignity on a night out and still be proud to tell the tale the next day. And then do the same again the following week, and the week after that. The only person I know that packs his sun tan lotion into his hand luggage, along with a selection of fruit, to be confused when he gets stopped when going through security at the airport. It’s hard to believe that we’ve only known each other for just over 5 years, but I think we all knew when we first met that we’d be friends for a long time. Like all good friends we’ve had our ups and downs – falling outs and arguments. But all it takes is for one silly message on WhatsApp to bring us back together and Its like nothing ever happened. And frankly, who else would you find to put up with your antics for so long? In all seriousness though (and because you’re about to read out your speech about us)… thank you for being you and for helping us through thick and thin. We’ll always be there for you and we know you will be for us too.

Our families. We don’t have a huge family between us, but we always prefer quality over quantity anyway. At least that’s what I tell myself.. unless we’re talking about lasagne in which case both applies. Thank you to my family for making the journey down from Nottingham to be here – and to Shaun – my uncle – for allowing us to gatecrash his birthday today. We don’t see as much of you all as we should, but when we do we always have a great time. Thank you for welcoming Ben in to our family with open arms and without questions. To Ben’s family – Paula, Nita, Danielle – thanks for making me a part of the family and having me around for the past 10 years. And to Dave – my drinking buddy – long may our drinking continue at family functions and events – we help each other through them and I’m not sure we could cope otherwise..

To our friends – we love you all, but a special mention has to go to Mandy, Kevin and Gareth – we’ve had many a great night together and so many fabulous holidays, from Florida, to Mexico to Las Vegas. Whether it’s drinking unknown blue alcohol from the back end of a porcelain cow, or watching YouTube videos at 3 In the morning with a large vodka – we always have the best time and we know you’ll be there for us no matter what. We also know how to have a good time without any alcohol believe it or not!

I also have to give a mention to our absent friends and family that couldn’t be with us today. We know that no matter where you are and who you’re with, you’ll always look down on us and protect us from whatever life has to throw at us. We will always remember you and we think about you all each and every day.

And finally, to my husband Ben.

Thank you for being a part of my life for the past decade. When we first met all those years ago, neither of us could have ever imagined we’d be here today in front of our friends and family, as husbands.

I’m sorry for completely ruining your perfectly planned proposal. Nearly three years ago, we were on a lovely holiday in Mexico. The day before we had been celebrating Mexican Independence Day in the only way Mexican’s know how – with copious amounts of tequila – and so it’s fair to say I wasn’t feeling the freshest when I woke up – still on UK time – at about 5am the next morning, the day before my birthday in 2014. I turned over in bed to find Ben already awake. We’d not been in Mexico long and so we weren’t used to their time zone by this point. Ben suggested a walk along the beach to watch the sunrise – which – on reflection – would have been the most romantic setting you could possibly imagine. My reply? “Ugh god, I can’t think of anything worse”, and promptly turned over and fell back to sleep for a few hours.

I woke up later, still facing the wall, and opened an eye to see a ring box on the bedside table. Then it clicked, and my heart raced. I closed my eyes again quickly for what seemed like an age, before opening them again. Ben must have been awake for all of this time, waiting nervously for me to come round. “It’s not my Birthday until tomorrow” I said, knowing full well it wasn’t a birthday present. “It’s not your birthday present” Ben said, “What is it then?” I replied. I was still facing the wall at this point… and then Ben said “What do you think it is… Will you Marry Me?”, and as they say the rest is history!.. I think it’s a much better story then a beach sunrise proposal anyway…

We’ve shared some great times together, and some not so great, but we’ve been there for each other through everything and I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without you. You’re my best friend, my soul mate, my companion and now my husband – and I can’t wait to share the rest of our lives together.

I’d now like to raise a few toasts, so please join me in raising a glass to our mums, Jenny and Paula – to absent friends and family – to my husband Ben – and finally, to love.


The below post was written all in one go as the words came into my head. It’s a bit rambly and may not make much sense, but I found it quite freeing. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs.

Confidence. Something that most people that have met me will say I have. Except I have none. I'm a guy that's always struggled with his weight. I've never been "thin", but the past few years have had a profound effect on me and I hate myself for it. I've done all the diets. I've tried the body coach, I've tried weight watchers. I've had the personal trainer and I've forced myself to the gym when I least want to go. Then I've seen someone at the gym I know from work and try to avoid them at all costs. I don't want them to see me outside of work looking like a right state, seeing me in a state of undress in the changing room or making small talk. So then I don't go again for a while as I want to avoid that whole situation. I consider leaving the gym as I could do with the money. I've done it before and I go round in a stupid circle. I've stopped wearing the clothes I like because I felt like they were a bit tight. I have a series of t shirts in varying dark colours now – black and navy. Apparently it’s more flattering to wear dark clothes. Then I catch myself in the mirror and think 'god, I look a mess'. This isn't a self serving post where I'm fishing for compliments – I'm just writing what comes into my head. Then it's the little comments here and there that are just everywhere in life. 'Oh yeah, she's the fat one', 'Hey big guy'. Big. Fat. Each time I hear it I presume it's about me. And it probably is, and that’s ok. I just don’t think anyone realises that it’s actually really quite depressing. I need to stop moping around feeling sorry for myself and do something about it, I know, but the problem is where the hell do you start? And can I really face starting again, again? I’m tired. I lack energy and motivation and it’s probably why I find myself eating rubbish and drinking coke and wine and milky coffees – that in turn is why I feel those things. ‘Life’s too short I think’ – and it really will be if I carry on this way. I’d love to be able to go on holiday and take my top off and actually feel proud and confident – I want people to look at me and like what they see. Sadly in my head that time has passed and I don’t think it’ll ever happen, which is why I probably feel like it’s not worth bothering. I avoid going to events if I can because I feel embarrassed. I haven’t taken selfies in ages because I can’t get a good angle, or one where I think I look like I’m not overweight. How do I get out of this rut? I have my wedding in a few weeks time. I’m looking forward to it so much, but I’m absolutely dreading looking at all the pictures. I know I’ll hate the way I look and it’ll forever tarnish our photos in my head. I won’t like what I’m wearing because it’ll look bad on me because I’m a big guy. I’ll be embarrassed to share the photos on social media because people that might not see me in day to day life might make a comment. Sometimes I feel so passionate about it that I get a wave of motivation – like this time will be the time – and then after a few weeks it just goes again and I’m back to square one and I’ll have a sausage roll. Or a packet of crisps. This can’t just be me that feels like this but it’s the first time I’ve written it all out. I’m going to try again I guess. Maybe it’ll help if I write about it on here? The struggles and the successes. Does anyone care? Watch this space.

Disneyland is EPIC and here’s why…

Stop everything and go to Disneyland!

I admit I didn't really know what to expect from Disneyland in Anaheim. With it being the original park that Walt Disney imagined all those years ago, I envisaged a rather dated, old park, full of rides that weren't relevant any more.

I couldn't have been more wrong if I tried.

Having been used to Walt Disney World in Orlando, the first thing that struck me was how close together everything was. I was lucky enough to stay as a guest at the Disneyland Hotel, which was just a short walk through Downtown Disney to both Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure. A walk! In Orlando you’d be looking at a ride in a car for at least 10-15 minutes and that’s if you were staying in a resort hotel.

I stayed in the Frontier tower, the rear of the three towers that surround a large pool area and bar. The hotel room was perfectly sized, with two huge beds, a bathroom with separate sink area, large screen TV and coffee maker and extra magic touches such as a headboard that lights up to reveal a fireworks display over Sleeping Beauty Castle that – with the help of the special Mickey glasses that are also waiting in the room – turns in to a scene of hundreds of Mickey's.

The second thing about Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure (the two parks based in Anaheim), are the amount of rides that are good, decent rides. All of the favourites are there: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the like; but so are new rides you’ll only find here. Matterhorn, Cars and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout to name a few. And they're good too.

If like me you were worried that The Tower of Terror would not be the same as a Marvel themed ride, rest assured it's almost better than the original.. I won't spoil it for those of you that haven't ridden it yet, but the tower has been re-themed as The Collectors' Museum, and you're tasked with helping the Guardians escape.

The level of detail even in the queue is insane – and Disney have hidden a fair few Easter eggs for die-hard park fans to spot, including the uniform the cast members used to wear when it was The Hollywood Tower Hotel, and the old Yeti from the previously mentioned Matterhorn. Well he is a Collector after all.

Detail is something that's in abundance at Disney – as you turn a corner you're transported into a different place, like Radiator Springs from the Cars movies. Even the rock formations here are shaped to look like different parts of a car, and the main road through the town is perfectly formed tarmac with the side streets all cracked, – It's like being instantly transported in to the film itself.

California Screamin' was another fantastic ride – launching you from zero to 55mph in 4 seconds, before hurtling round the track and even completing a vertical loop. Despite first impressions it isn't a wooden rollercoaster, but it has all the thrills of riding one and it feels like a long ride, which is great considering the queues weren't that long. This is one of the fastest rides at any Disney park too, so well worth a ride!

In fact that's another great thing I liked about these parks – despite it being the start of the summer holidays, I didn't notice any queue that was excessively long which is great if you're planning a long day at the parks – more ride time!

I will definitely be returning to Anaheim to visit Disneyland and California Adventure again – especially with the news that 'Paradise Pier' is set to become 'Pixar Pier' – the home of all our favourite Pixar characters, and that Spider-Man and The Avengers will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy to create a complete Superhero Universe. (Confusing if you're used to Orlando, where Marvel Superheroes are firmly based at Universal Studios!)

If like me you're a huge kid at heart, and at the age of 30 you're still obsessed with all things Disney, I would absolutely recommend visiting Disneyland and California Adventure – the parks feel more 'adult' to me, which must be thanks to the large amount of thrill rides at the parks. There seemed to not be as many children around too, when compared with Walt Disney World, which I guess is to be expected really – Disney World is after all the daddy of all theme parks – but that could be due to the time of year too.

The castle at the end of Main Street USA belongs to Sleeping Beauty here, rather than Cinderella at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, and if you're used to the spectacle at the latter you may be mildly surprised at the scale, or lack of, at Disneyland. Word has it that when Walt Disney built the original park, he didn't want children to feel intimidated by the size. Because of that, their aren't many projections on to the castle during the nighttime fireworks shows, but they somehow feel more immersive as fireworks shoot up from all around the central viewing area, and the nearby mountain from the Matterhorn ride is utilised instead for any projection work needed.

Things just seem to happen wherever you look here. 'Fantasmic!' doesn't need a special theatre like it does in Orlando, it just happens in what, by day, looks like a tranquil lake area which by night turns into a lake of fire, complete with full sized pirate ship (how they keep that out of view throughout the day I'll never know!). Black Widow from The Avengers will appear periodically with an armoured jeep to patrol the area and declare it safe, and the soldiers from Toy Story will hold an ad-hoc drill complete with audience participation (Tip: Don't wear blue if you don't want to be called a Smurf!)

Another must-see is 'World of Color' – a spectacular nighttime show combining water fountains, water sprays, projections, lasers and lights set to a soundtrack of the like only Disney can produce. All your favourite characters are there, including classics like Snow White, Sleeping Beaty and Simba, to modern classics like Frozen and Moana.

I can't believe I've not mentioned it yet, but – like at any Disney park – the fabulous array of restaurants serving top class food is incredible. Whether it be an authentic Burrito from the Mexican restaurant near Radiator Springs, to a slap up Steak at Carthay Circle, the food served at Disney is second to none – and the Provence Rosé is highly recommended (from what I can remember! 😉)

I really can't recommend a visit to Disneyland enough. It's perfect if you want to experience the magic and thrill of a Disney park on a smaller scale, with a great selection of thrill rides and not much queuing. It'd be perfect to combine with a longer trip along the west coast, like San Francisco or San Diego, and I for one can't wait to go back!

Virgin Atlantic flies three times daily from London Heathrow to Los Angeles, and is offering return fares from £432 per person. For further information visit or call 0344 8747 747. This fare is available for selected departures during 2017/18. Prices given are correct as of today and are subject to change.

Staycation: Visiting Devon for the first time

I'm ashamed to say I've never done much touring around the UK.

I can probably count the number of places I've visited as part of a weekend away on one hand, which considering I've been living here since I was born 31 years ago, is rather shocking.

So when friends invited us down to Dorset for the weekend, it was a no-brainier and we said yes.

Luckily, this friends' parents own a B&B in the little coastal town of Seaton, right on the sea front. When we arrived (after an epic five hour journey), the first thing we saw was the seafront and the picturesque cliffs all along the coast – they really are breathtaking.

Our group of friends had the B&B to ourselves this weekend, so we had a choice of rooms. We went for the sea front room – there's something about looking out over the sea that automatically makes me feel like I'm on holiday and it instantly chills me out. It's also the same for me with the sound of seagulls – which I know most people will find odd – but the sound of seagulls transports me back to 8 year old me on the seafront in Skegness or Eastbourne. Happy days.

We had a great few days getting to know the bars of Seaton – surprisingly there's quite a few – and everything it had to offer. Sadly, in true UK fashion, the weather was pants, otherwise we may have risked a little paddle in the sea too.

On the way back, we decided to do a little detour and visit the town of West Bay in Dorset, most recognisable as the setting for Broadchurch. Walking around this place was surreal and epic at the same time – the views of the coast and the cliffs along it were outstanding. Reading up on the history of the Jurassic Coast, it's so hard to believe that these rocks have been there for millions of years.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is to say that spending time in the U.K. got me thinking that it's not at all bad after all – in fact there's so much to see do and learn about that you could spend a lifetime visiting different places and sights and still never cover them all off the list.

It's definitely inspired us to spend more weekends away together visiting different parts of the country – there's definitely plenty of more beautiful places to see. Any suggestions of where we should try next? Get in touch via social media or the Contact page.

We stayed at:
The Mariners in Seaton, Devon.

Marrying my best friend

In just under five weeks, I'll be marrying my best friend in the whole world. As cliche as that sounds, it's completely and utterly true.

I first met Ben via MySpace (remember that?). We'd both taken part in one of those really annoying chain-quiz things with 50-odd questions. One of those questions was about whether or not you'd ever been in or owned a hot tub, to which Ben's answer was 'both'. Intrigued, I sent him a message asking about the hot tub, as it wasn't the usual response to that question for a 19 year old living in the UK to give.

It turned out that his dad owned a hot tub shop, which explained things, and we got chatting about other topics – our interests, families, friends, work. After a few weeks we decided to meet up for a drink. Ben drove all the way from Buckinghamshire to where I was living at the time, Woolwich in east London – almost a 2hr journey. We headed in to London and chatted the night away. I'd recently come out of a relationship that hadn't ended well, and didn't feel ready to couple up again so I said I wasn't yet ready for a relationship. A week later I found myself asking him to be my boyfriend.

10 years down the line, we've been through pretty much everything – unemployment, bereavement, illness, money worries – you name it. We've been there for each other through thick and thin, good times and bad, and that's why I know that in just under five weeks time I'm definitely marrying my 'One'.

We share the same interests, humour, outlook on life. We have the same sense of fun and we're both a bit geeky. We love the same TV shows, have similar music tastes and we spend a fortune on gadgets even if we don't really need them. We both love Mexico and that's where we've chosen our honeymoon, even though we've been there for the past few years. To some people this might sound boring, but it suits us.

On 1st September 2017 we'll welcome 40 of our nearest and dearest family and friends to watch us say 'I do' at a venue in London, where it all began.

I'm so excited to start the next chapter in our lives together.

Some people have been asking if we have a gift list and if so where they can find it. We're so grateful for everyone just taking the time to wish us well, but if you would like to contribute to our gift list, we've decided to ask for contributions towards our honeymoon.

To contribute, just visit

The best breakfast in VEGAS!

Breakfast in Vegas isn’t something most people see. Sin City is famed for it’s 24/7 culture and when you’re inside one of the what seems like thousands of casinos, you’d be forgiven for not knowing wither it’s mid-day or midnight. This makes breakfast in Vegas a rare occurrence. Maybe it’s only us Brits that wake at the crack of dawn on the first full day of a Vegas trip (thanks 8 hour time difference), craving a fry up. 

Depending on where you’re staying, you may have an on-site buffet, or be close to a selection of 24hr restaurants, but there’s only one place I’ve visited that I’d highly recommend for breakfast. 


Two words that don’t seem, at first read, to go together at all. In fact are they even two separate words? Not only do they make use of the greatest colourscheme ever (Black and Yellow…), they offer some of the best breakfast options I’ve ever seen. 

Nestled away in a small corner of the second floor at The Cosmopolitan, EGGSLUT offers a range of options for those that have woken up hungry. It’s not the cheapest option you’ll ever find, but it’s definitely worth the little extra for the satisfaction you’ll get from eating there. Don’t let the queue put you off – there’s one for a reason! They’ll speedily get to you and take your order with a smile, before rustling it up as quickly as a fresh breakfast with the best ingredients can be. 

EGGSLUT pride themselves on offering the freshest ingredients and best flavours – checkout the menu below and tell me you’re not tempted! I can highly recommend the Bacon, Egg and Cheese…

Asking for a Slut will never get old. It might not be a full English, but it’ll leave you ready to face another day in Sin City and all it has to offer. And if you wake up hungover at 3 in the afternoon – have no fear: EGGSLUT opens til 4pm.